Excent Tombstone


Business Description

Excent® develops data management software for educators and administrators to provide software, programs, and services to help them reach their goals of increased productivity, greater insight into their special education programs, and ultimately improved student outcomes.

In addition to Individualized Education Program (IEP), Excent’s modular software supports 504 plans, RtI, ELL, Gifted and Talented and Behavior Tracking (Bully). Their Medicaid billing solution helps schools maximize their Medicaid reimbursement revenue with minimum of cost and effort, and with technology that provides administrators with full visibility for better program management.


Scott Shickler, Excent’s founder and CEO and Michael Carter met in the early 1990's when Scott was an instructor at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) in New York City. Since then Scott founded his own non for profit organization, 7 Mindsets, and Michael became the Vice Chairman of NFTE’s Fairchester chapter. CMM has provided strategic advisory services for over twenty years focusing on building shareholder value and acquisitions.


CMM has guided Excent through several strategic challenges including advising on acquisitions, capital structure, raising senior and mezzanine debt and exit planning. Scott’s trust and confidence in CMM has been built over 20 years. Today, CMM has a small equity stake and provides strategic advisory services. We continue to share our passion for empowering youth by entrepreneurial education.