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Watson Inc.

Business Description

Watson Inc. ("Watson") is a leading supplier of ingredients for the food and supplement industries,  with expertise in microencapsulation, agglomeration, micronizing, spray drying and film technology. Watson, headquartered in West Haven, Connecticut, with operations in Illinois, is a third-generation family owned company founded in 1939.


The Watson family was seeking a strategic partner who could help accelerate the Company’s growth,  provide funds for major capital expenditure projects, and offer meaningful liquidity for the shareholders. Prior to CMG’s engagement, Glanbia Nutritionals (“Glanbia”),a $1.4 billion nutritional solutions and cheese business and subsidiary of Glanbia plc, had known Watson for many years. Watson hired CMG to help the Company and family navigate their decision to sell,  prepare for the once in a lifetime transaction, and the ensuing deep due diligence process to close.


The process highlighted a few factors that ultimately led to a successful transaction. First, both companies were strategic to one another. Glanbia was highly motivated to further expand their offerings of proteins, custom nutrient premixes, plant-based nutrition ingredients, flavors, and  Watson felt Glanbia was a strong partner for accelerating their growth worldwide. Both parties found each other to be a cultural fit. James Watson, the President, stated, “…The Watson leadership team, including my three siblings in the business, will remain with the Glanbia Nutritionals organization, ensuring a seamless experience for Watson employees, customers, and business partners.With our combined product lines, expertise, and manufacturing capability, our customers now have access to more technologies, more knowledge, and better solutions.”