Excent Corporation

Business Description

Excent Corporation is a provider of data management software solutions designed for special education and student intervention management. Excent provides administrators and educators with innovative, easy-to-use solutions that simplify administration, compliance and management of programs for students with specialized.


Michael Carter met Scott Schickler through a non-profit initiative in the 1980's. He began advising him shortly thereafter on how to grow his busienss and realize its' potential. CMM has worked with Mr. Schickler in a formal financial advisory role for years. Excent was looking to refinance the business and allow it to continue its' growth trejectory.


The buyer, Frontline Education, approached Mr. Schickler and inquired about the Company. Mr. Schickler enlisted CMM to formalize a process of the transaction, negotiate the terms and maximize shareholder value. It quickly became apparent that Frontline Education, with their dediciation to education software, was a great strategic fit for the business. Mr Schicker indicated "joining a growth-stage company this is both dedicated to the special education market and the clear leader in K-12 education management solutions will be of great benefit to all those who work to enrich the lives of special needs students."