WorldBusiness Capital

Business Description

WorldBusiness Capital, Inc. (WBC) is a commercial finance company that makes loans to companies doing business in global emerging markets. WBC offers a unique, integrated package of financing products that finances exports, providing financing for customers, dealers and distributors, projects and joint ventures.


Carter Morse & Mathias had arranged for the Company’s first institutional round of equity from a private equity firm and a Fortune 500 company in early 2003. Based on these investors’ changed objectives, Carter Morse & Mathias was hired by the company to assist in a management buyout.


Carter Morse & Mathias was the Company’s financial advisor in arranging, structuring and negotiating this transaction, thus enabling the Company to buyout prior investors and management to own the company. The capital raised was structured as a $6.5 million senior note with warrants from Hunting Dog Capital LLC, a fund experienced in global finance.