SOUTHPORT, Connecticut, March 1, 2007 -- Carter Morse & Mathias today announced that Juran management has acquired control of the Juran Institute, LLC, headquartered in Southbury, Connecticut. Juran is a leading training and consulting firm focused on enhancing quality and business performance. Carter Morse & Mathias was management's exclusive financial advisor in arranging the financing and advising on this transaction.

Juran Institute provides a wide range of training and consulting services designed to improve overall business performance. Juran identifies an organization's value-creating processes and related cost drivers, whether it be product, service or process quality and then creates a plan to improve on them.

Joseph DeFeo, the company's President and CEO will remain in these positions. Mr. DeFeo joined Juran eighteen years ago and assumed the President's role in 1999. Mr. DeFeo explained, "The transaction will not result in any dramatic changes to our business or customers. It does provide additional confidence that we now have greater control to accelerate new services for our growth."

Juran's services include: strategic deployment, Lean and Six Sigma training, cost and culture assessments, benchmarking and change management. Juran operates worldwide through its offices in China, Germany, United States, Netherlands, and Spain.

The Company was founded in 1979 by Dr. Joseph Juran, who is recognized as one of the principal architects of the Japanese and North American quality revolutions. Dr. Juran has been called the "father" of quality. Dr. Juran wrote the Quality Control Handbook, first published in 1951 and now in its fifth edition. This handbook is the reference for most quality departments and business improvement change agents since it provides important how-to information to improving an organization's performance by improving the quality of its goods and services.

Dr. Joseph Juran is considered one of the fathers of quality business management. His books have become standards for the industry: Juran's Quality Handbook, Juran on Leadership for Quality, Managerial Breakthrough, and Designs for World Class Quality.

Mr. DeFeo said, "I have been most fortunate to have worked for Dr. Juran and believe the Juran name is in good hands and we will continue his legacy of using pragmatic tools to enhance our clients' performance."