Creating A Legacy — Life After a Sale

The Carter Morse & Goodrich story…our story…is about relationships. It’s really about our clients and the people behind compelling businesses. We have undertaken hundreds of assignments and for many of our clients, the sale of their business represents a once-in-a-lifetime transaction. A successful sale monetizes and rewards an entrepreneur for years of sacrifice and risk taking. And while a sale presents opportunities for the buyer to take the company to a new level and employees with new growth possibilities, it also leads to a new chapter in the life of the seller. For sellers, a transaction releases two previously precious assets: time and money. With the completion of a transaction comes the freedom to decide whether and how to use these resources to create a personal legacy. Definitions of personal legacies are as diverse and interesting as the people behind them.

Here are a few of the stories about the people behind those client-companies who have sold – who they are and what they have chosen to do with their lives during and after concluding a sale transaction. We are honored to have facilitated these “legacy” opportunities and we share these stories of achievement post-sale with the hope that they inspire others to create their own legacies.