Oni Chukwo

Helping the disadvantaged around the world

K. Oni Chukwu – Triple Point Technology

The Person

Oni Chukwu’s life story has the makings of a movie – a survivor of the Nigeria/Biafran 3-year civil war in the late ‘60s, an MBA from the University of New Haven, a series of executive roles in global finance and technology, a university board member, and the CFO of Triple Point Technology, where he led the company’s growth from a handful of people to seven subsidiaries, 16 global locations, and hundreds of customers. Triple Point became the dominant worldwide enterprise software provider for commodity management, and was named to the Technology 500 and the INC 500 growth companies for 10 consecutive years - one of only two companies in the United States to ever achieve this feat.

The Transaction

Over the course of 10 years, Triple Point underwent a series of transactions, including several advisory assignments from CMM, culminating with the sale of the company to a strategic investor in July 2013 – a transaction valued at $980 million. After the sale, Oni followed his passion for technology and entrepreneurship and took the leadership reins of a cloud-based software company, while at the same time continuing to fulfill his lifelong mission to help the disadvantaged. 

The Start of a Legacy

“It’s always been important to me to help people,” said Oni. “I’ve been helped by a lot of people to get where I am.” This is why in 2011 Oni and his wife Leslie started the Africa Plan Foundation. Given Oni’s upbringing in Africa and his travels across the globe, he is finely attuned to the needs of others and providing opportunities for a better and healthier life. His foundation has a broad mandate to help disadvantaged people and organizations around the world in tangible and measurable ways. Initially the organization has been focusing on three areas where Oni and his wife feel the greatest connection: 1) helping entrepreneurs in developing countries with guidance and financial support; 2) supporting global women’s health, particularly tackling issues such as female mutilation; and 3) promoting youth education. As part of their work, each year the Africa Plan Foundation sponsors a 5K run on Super Bowl Sunday in New Haven. In 2016, 1,100 people walked or ran to raise awareness and money to help refugees across the world. In addition, as a University of New Haven board member, Oni has been integral to helping students prepare for the job market and in the endowment of an African Studies chair. With his two daughters now grown, Oni’s plan is to retire in a few years and then run his foundation full-time. He says, “My goal is to do what I can.” Apparently, what Oni can do is quite a lot.