Harvey Brofman

Serial entrepreneur turns to angel investing

Harvey Brofman – OPUS-ISM

The Person

Harvey Brofman is a serial entrepreneur. In the course of developing two companies, he pioneered new systems technology in the medical, pharmaceutical, and payor components of the healthcare industry. Harvey’s first exit, OPUS Health, was a spin-off of his initial company, OPUS Core, and handled the collection of related billing information between medical, service providers, and pharmacies. This later became the leader of the co-pay card space, a disruptive force in re-empowering doctor and patient choice in their medicine and therapy. Less than a year later, Harvey sold his second firm, OPUS-ISM, a leading provider of retail pharmacy management systems and pharmacy workflow technology. By building two firms that were innovators in their fields and successfully selling them, Harvey developed an even larger appetite to become involved in helping launch technology companies. Not just one or two at a time, but many companies.

The Transaction

OPUS Health was always built with the intention of an exit. However, Harvey never thought he’d have back-to back sales. “By doing an exit, I was able to step on the gas with my larger company, and was able to invest more money into what we were building,” recalls Harvey. His firm, OPUS-ISM, was acquired by the Robertson Piper Software Group, a California-based private equity group funded by CapitalSource.

The Start of a Legacy

Harvey’s legacy started once the transactions closed and he worked through his retention agreement. He set his sights on what he enjoyed most: using his time and skills to help early-stage businesses and empower more positive outcomes. “I live vicariously through them, but no longer have to work around the clock. When I do, it’s because I want to, not because I have to,” says Harvey. 

Harvey became an angel investor and began investing with the New York Angels as well as launching his own angel investing firm, Nine 4-Bit Slices. Harvey’s interest and expertise lies in healthcare, marketing, analytics, fintech, web, and mobile applications. Each month Harvey sees 8-16 pitches. “I was hooked from the beginning on people trying to solve real problems; of being disruptors and changing the way things happen,” he says. The days can be long, but Harvey comes out energized. “There’s tremendous learning in funding with a group at the innovator stage, getting so many diverse perspectives and helping to build something. There’s risk, but I’m not tied to the day-to-day slog. And I get to choose where I want to invest and spend my time, and provide helpful insight.”

One of Harvey’s greatest satisfactions comes in being on the judging panel for pitch competitions at local universities. “It’s cool to see the next generation of entrepreneurs and what they’re thinking, and with a little guidance, what that can turn in to,” says Harvey. In his new role as an angel investor, Harvey remains a serial entrepreneur, leveraging his prodigious knowledge and experience, as he helps other companies in their quest for growth.