Maximizing Shareholder Value

Maximizing Shareholder Value advisory service offers business owners actionable recommendations and ongoing guidance to increase value. 

Business owners rely on legal counsel for contracts and compliance, accountants for reporting and controls, and wealth managers for financial planning. Adding an investment banker to the team is key to building value for a successful sale of the business.

For 30 years, Carter Morse & Goodrich has helped hundreds of business owners maximize value, but only at the time of a sale. Now, we are delivering this same expertise to companies that are not yet for sale.

"More than exit planning, CMG analyzes a business through the lens of a buyer or investor, creating a playbook for running the company to maximize value.”


 A plan to build value is best started years ahead of a transaction – when there is still time to effect change.

The new service includes both a quantitative analysis and real-world qualitative assessment of value. CMG makes specific recommendations that improve the sustainability of revenue, the quality of earnings, efficiency of the balance sheet, and that mitigate a broad range of risks that detract from value.

We then advise clients as they face day-to-day operational challenges and longer term investment decisions, working with the company’s legal and financial advisors to implement changes that have a positive impact.


Companies that are guided by building value are better run, even if there isn’t a transaction in the immediate future.

When a transaction does appear on the radar, the company is prepared. A sale is more likely to be completed at a multiple near or above the top of range for your industry - and less likely to experience surprises and negative adjustments.