Opus Health

Business Description

Opus Health, LLC was a leading provider of direct-to-patient persistence technologies to the pharmaceutical industry. A wholly-owned subsidiary of OCI Ventures, LLC, OPUS Health provided the industry’s most complete end-to-end, multi-channel patient persistence solution technology, linking pharmaceutical companies, prescribers, pharmacies and patients.


Opus Health's platform had been adopted by leading pharmaceutical marketing services companies and major pharmaceutical manufacturers. One of its largest clients made a pre-emptive bid to acquire Opus Health. Due to the large concentration with this customer, OCI Ventures faced significant pressure to sell Opus Health.


With advice from Carter Morse & Mathias, OCI Ventures decided to hold a limited auction of the Opus Health business and ultimately sold the assets to Dendrite International, Inc. (NASDAQ: DRTE ). Carter Morse & Mathias was OPUS Health’s exclusive financial advisor in arranging, structuring and negotiating the transaction.