Opus Core

Business Description

Founded in 1982, OPUS Core Corporation provided computer systems and services for chain and independent pharmacies throughout the United States, with a regional focus in the New York metropolitan area. Its products and services included pharmacy management systems and transaction processing software.


The consolidation trend in the pharmacy management systems industry led OPUS Core to search for a strategic acquisition that would secure its leadership in the New York metropolitan area and enable it to deliver enhanced technology solutions to pharmacies, PBMs, and pharmaceutical companies.


OPUS Core identified Interactive Systems & Management Corp. (ISM), another leading retail pharmacy systems provider in the region, as a strong acquisition candidate. Carter Morse & Mathias was engaged by OPUS Core on an exclusive basis to arrange, structure and negotiate the merger of the two companies. As a result of the transaction, OPUS Core and ISM combined to form a new holding company, OCI Ventures LLC, to operate the pharmacy systems business and an affiliated business, OPUS Health Information Systems, Inc., a comprehensive healthcare benefit administrator that provided boutique applications for back-end pharmacy-related processing services.