Allan Pharmaceuticals

Business Description

Allan Pharmaceuticals was the generic Rx division of Allan Holdings, Inc., a manufacturer of private label OTC drug and cosmetics products sold in the U.S. under the Pharmapac label. These products included a range of skin care, feminine hygiene, first aid, oral care and other topical health care products that are sold to major retailers such as CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree, Safeway and to specialty skin care product companies such as Herbalife.


Allan Holdings desired to exit its investment in Allan Pharmaceuticals in order to raise capital for the expansion of its OTC drug and cosmetic business and eliminate the investment required to develop its generic Rx pipeline.


Carter Morse & Mathias was Allan’s exclusive financial advisor on the sale of the assets of Allan Pharmaceuticals to VersaPharm, a portfolio Company of New York-based Tailwind Capital. VersaPharm develops and markets specialty prescription products in the U.S. including pharmaceuticals for tuberculosis, hemophilia, anthrax, STD, blood disorders and other diseases.