• Strategic Options Review
  • Transaction preparation

Many middle market businesses can benefit from the corporate finance and strategic planning techniques used extensively by large corporations and equity-backed businesses, especially when combined with the unbiased perspectives of seasoned investment professionals.

Carter Morse & Mathias helps management teams and owners analyze their current financials, project future performance, strategically position their companies, and prepare for future transactions.

Carter Morse & Mathias pre-transaction advisory services encompass a range of skills, including:

  • Analyzing strategic options and transaction opportunities to maximize shareholder value over the long term
  • Reviewing opportunities for organic growth, growth through acquisitions, or allied investment opportunities
  • Restructuring the balance sheet with the optimal mix of equity and debt based on business risks, shareholders’ risk profile, and long-term objectives
  • Examining opportunities to increase profitability prior to a transaction
  • Evaluating exit planning and transaction preparation strategies and tactics
  • Performing pre-transaction due diligence to ensure that a transaction proceeds smoothly
  • Working with other advisors to ensure a smooth succession post-transaction