Maximizing Shareholder Value

A new pre-transaction advisory service for business owners who anticipate a sale, merger, or capital raise in the next several years.  How you will be valued by a buyer or investor depends on the steps you take now, well in advance of a transaction. Carter Morse & Mathias helps business owners run their business to:

  • Enhance the quality of earnings
  • Build value in the eyes of the optimal buyers
  • Increase the “multiple”
  • Address risks and mitigate weaknesses that detract from value
  • Minimize negative adjustments.

"More than exit planning, CMM analyzes a business through the lens of a buyer or investor, creating a playbook for running the company to maximize value.”


Maximizing Shareholder Value is an advisory service that begins with an initial project to:

  • Complete a preliminary valuation
  • Understand the core driver's of success and future value
  • Risk management - address sustainability of business model
  • Enterprise value - maximize proceeds in any type of future transaction
  • Qualitatively evaluate company’s readiness for a transaction 
  • Create a proprietary playbook for running the business to maximize value leading up to a future transaction


Following this assessment, CMM will stay involved with the business on an onoing basis to:

  • Meet with owners and management teams on a regular basis to advise on key issues impacting value
  • Facilate introductions to subject matter experts as needed
  • Work with mangement teams to implement strategic inititives
  • Provide ongoing advice and guidance on maximizing value
  • Be a sounding board prior to making signficant investment decisions
  • Provide regular upadtes on market conditions